South Florida Real Estate is excellently positioned for accelerated growth which is great for high level investment returns due to many key factors playing a role including geographic, demographic and economic factors. These factors together make it a unique market and provides excellent opportunities for investment whether it is long term or short term investment.

South Florida is made up of top three counties that are extremely populated in all of Florida. The main counties that make the South Florida area are Broward, Palm beach and Miami-Dade counties. These easily rank 7th, 18th and 28th respectively as the largest counties of United States. They are leading over a list of 3141 counties in total ranked only by population.

The South Florida Real Estate Market

And that doesn’t stop there. Experts say that the population of Florida will have increased by 6 million people with a total of nearly 26 million by the end of 2030. To compare the population of the state, it is currently the same number as the population of entire Australia.

This means that Florida is expected to become a dense region in the future and for investors that is a great point to consider when investing in South Florida real estate. While there is still some improvement needed in water availability, education and congestion, the state is still heading towards prosperity and will be able to provide great opportunities for investment in the future. Those who invest in it today, will likely reap huge benefits in the years to come as the state of South Florida grows day by day.

Another factor that plays a huge role in making it one of the best places to invest in real estate is the fact that it has a very strong rental market. The demand for rental properties in the region is always high due to migration and student flow. There are universities in the area of South Florida that attracts thousands of students from across the world. When students are done with their studies, a lot of them tend to stay and make a home.

With growing population, great economy and business friendly laws, more and more people are moving to South Florida and the demand for housing keeps going up. If that isn’t enough, South Florida is located in an excellent position which attracts tons of tourists from both the country and outside. The lifestyle of the state is also constantly improving with more and more large businesses relocating in the region due to softer business regulations in the state.

With such favorable conditions, South Florida is currently the best place to eye for a long term investment. If you are in to make profits in the future, you will likely be pleased with the investment you make in the real estate market of South Florida. Consider this region as currently being the top in the states when it comes to population growth. With more and more housing available, more and more chances of great investment come.