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For us, all dogs are the same with similar nutritional needs. But, according to Hungry Bark, that is not the case. According to them, no two dogs are the same, so there food shouldn’t be the same either.

There are hundreds of brands and companies available right now that are preparing fresh, custom-made food and meal plans for dogs. These meals are pre-proportioned, and you will need to keep them frozen in a refrigerator so that they stay fresh and healthy for your dogs.

The idea of fresh and customized food for your dog is pleasant and relaxing, but if we look at it practically, sometimes it isn’t quite affordable. So, if you are looking for some good quality and healthy food for your dog’s diet that won’t feel heavy on your pockets, then Hungry Bark Dog is the perfect option for you.

With the slogan of “Super Food for Super Dogs,” Hungry Bark is a Florida based pet food company that manufactures dog food along with custom nutrition plans for every stage of a dog’s life. Other than this, their main focus is high-quality and high-protein slices, supplements, and treats for the nutrition and health of a dog. You can buy your desired products or meals from them. Or else, you can fill out a profile of your dog with all the necessary details, and they will provide you with the essential food that will match with your dog.

To provide you with an honest review and for your dog’s perfect health, we tried two recipes of their kibbles along with some mix-ins and supplements.

General Overview of’s Kibble & Dog Treats

The Hungry Bark was founded by an enthusiastic and professional man Nick Molina. In his life, after working with a certified nutritionist and creating several customized diet plans and charts, he realized that his own two rescued dogs, named Shorty and Barkley, deserve to undergo the same procedure. In Nick’s opinion, his dogs, along with all the other dogs, deserve to have better food and nutrition. That is why he came up with the “The Hungry Bark” brand.

As we have mentioned above, at hungry bark, you can create a perfect and custom meal, nutrition plan for your dog, or you can simply browse through their products and shop products from there. Hungry Bark will help in providing you with the best combination of food and products that will ensure a healthy and long life for your dog.

The Hungry Bark offers a wide range of products that includes a variety of proteins, kibbles, and high-protein supplements. Also, all these are made with high-quality ingredients and are approved by top vets and certified nutritionists.

You can choose from kibbles to supplement that include healthy proteins of real animals like duck, lamb, chicken, and turkey. Also, their supplements are beneficial for preventing health problems like joint pains, indigestion, anxiety, and depression. Apart from these, they offer a wide range of delicious mix-ins that helps in boosting the immunity of your dog and increasing their protein intake. In short, you will find everything necessary for your dog’s health in The Hungry Bark.

Well, the services of Hungry Bark don’t just end here. Apart from offering meal plans and food to pets and their owners, Hungry Bark is committed to providing nutritious food to homeless dogs all over the world by joining hands with several shelters and non-profit rescue organizations.

Food Making Process

All the products by Hungry Bark are made and manufactured in the United States under the supervision of professionals. Moreover, the company uses the best facilities and techniques to make their products while following all the health and cleanliness methods. All products by Hungry Bark are tested and certified by ISO Labs before distributing to ensure the safety and health of dogs all over the world.

Furthermore, the recipes of products by The Hungry Bark and their ingredients are decided and finalized with the help of top and certified nutritionists. The ingredients are bought from trustworthy people and farms that are situated in the US, New Zealand, Europe, and Australia.

What Food Products Do They Sell?

The food and products offered by The Hungry Bark fall under three main groups – Kibbles, Supplements, and Mix-ins. As mentioned above, all the kibbles by Hungry Bark are made with high-quality and nutritious ingredients along with real animal proteins that will ensure a healthy life for your dogs. Moreover, each of their recipes features a combination of omega fatty acids, trace minerals, and probiotics.

After the kibbles, The Hungry Bark offers three different types of mix-ins, which include chicken, beef, and salmon. All these three recipes are made with animal proteins and then are frozen to preserve the nutrition inside them. You can simply just sprinkle these mix-ins on your dog’s food to give them a boost of protein along with a dose of deliciousness.

In the end, comes their fruitful and beneficial supplements. They offer a total of five different types of supplements, each with their qualities. The Hungry Bark supplement chews come in containers and are very beneficial for your dog’s mental and physical health, both. From joint pains to heart conditions to anxiety and depression, their supplements are proved helpful for each of them.

Overview of Hungry Bark Recipes

  • Kibble: Superfoods w/ Chicken, Turkey & Brown Rice
  • Kibble: Superfoods w/ Turkey & Duck (Grain-Free)
  • Kibble: Superfoods w/ Lamb & Turkey (Grain-Free)
  • Kibble: Superfoods w/ Salmon (Grain-Free)
  • Supplement: Happy Heart – Skin + Coat & Heart Health Formula (60 counts)
  • Supplement: Move + Groove – Hip + Joint Health Formula (60 counts)
  • Supplement: Balanced Belly – Probiotic Formula (60 counts)
  • Supplement: Whole Health – Multivitamin Formula (60 counts)
  • Supplement: Chew Chill – Calming Formula (60 counts)
  • Protein Mix-In: Beef Protein Mix-In (6 oz.)
  • Protein Mix-In: Chicken Protein Mix-In (5 oz.)
  • Protein Mix-In: Salmon Protein Mix-In (5 oz.)

When you are planning to buy something through Hungry Bark, you have a total of two options. First, you can browse through the website and select products according to your desire, and then add them to your cart. However, if you are confused and not sure about what to buy and what does your dog need, then you can fill out your dog’s profile, and Hungry Bark will itself recommend a customized meal plan for your dog.

Is their Packaging Eco-friendly?

The Hungry bark not only aims to provide the highest quality ingredients and products for your dogs, but it also ensures the finished product’s nutritional consistency. They use Ever-fresh locking technology for the packaging of kibble bags to keep them as fresh as a daisy. The ever-fresh locking technology bags provide a thick lining that keeps the food away from pests and spoils while keeping the food clean. Also, all these bags are made with recycled materials, so they are undoubtedly eco-friendly.

All the orders from Hungry Bark are delivered in a cardboard box, which is clean and recycled. To protect the environment as much as possible, Hungry Bark uses minimum packaging materials to ensure the safety of the products. The Hungry Bark makes a lot of effort to keep the environment and food both safe.

Prices of their Food

Unlike other pets food subscription brands, Hungry Bark does not take daily, weekly, or monthly payments. You can order your desired products in your required quantity from their website and make the payment. Then, you can repeat the procedure whenever you run out of the previous food. It is as simple as that. Moreover, if you are choosing a custom plan, then the representatives of Hungry Bark will inform you how often you need to re-stock according to your dog’s nutritional needs.

The prices of products at The Hungry Bark are neither too affordable nor too high. Prices for kibble bags vary from $19.99 to $68.79 per pound bags. For supplements, $23.99 to $31.99 per container, and for mix-ins, $13.59 to $18.39. However, if you choose to order a custom meal plan, you will be able to save flat 20% on all the products.

  • Hungry Bark Kibble – chicken recipe (4 pounds bag): $19.99
  • Hungry Bark Kibble – Chicken recipe (24 pounds bag): $68.79
  • Protein mix-ins (5-ounce): $13.59
  • Protein mix-ins (6-ounce): $18.39

The cost of the food depends on your dog’s nutritional and calories requirements. The test dog we used weighed approximately 30 pounds and consumed 4 pounds of chicken recipe kibbles in a week. Which means the weekly cost was $19.99. However, if we purchase the 24 pounds bag at a 20% discount, then the per pound rate drops further from $4.99 to $2.66. Now, let’s compare this per pound price with other competitors of The Hungry Bark.

Brand Name Prices
Canidae PURE Grain Free $2.70 per pound. (Dry Food)
Castor and Pollux Organic $3.49 per can. (Wet Food)
Stella and Chewy’s $2.88 per ounce. (Freeze-dried Raw)
The Honest Kitchen $5.58 per pound. (Dehydrated)
My Ollie $47.83 per week. (Fresh Food)
Nom Nom Now $34.80 per week. (Fresh Food)
Hungry Bark $2.66 per pound. (Custom Kibbles)

Experience of our Test Dog

For our test dog Archie, we bought a few kibbles, supplements, and mix-ins to write an accurate review for you all. Also, we requested a custom plan for him to see what food suits him the best and what does not. First of all, we were highly impressed by the overall outline of the website. It was straightforward to use and navigate. There were clear instructions under each product about its pricing, nutritional values, and ingredients. Furthermore, Hungry Back mentioned the whole manufacturing process under product. All in all, we loved how convenient their website was.

Like all the Hungry Bark orders, our order arrived in a recycled cardboard box too. There was a specific smell in the food that our dog instantly recognized that it was for him. He jumped on to the box and started sniffing it. We gave our dog the Hungry Heart Supplements, some kibbles, and some beef and salmon mix-ins one by one. He loved all of them and ate them all instantly. Also, our dog loved the fragrance of mix-ins so much that he used to sniff them for a whole good hour. Even now, he refuses to eat any other food until we sprinkle some mix-ins on them. In short, our dog couldn’t find anything wrong with their products, so we love Hungry Bark too.

Does Hungry Bark Dog Food has any Recalls

For the health and safety of your dog, it is essential to have in-depth research about the dog food brand you are going to try. Make sure you check the reviews, experiences of other people, and, most importantly, if the brand has any recalls or not.

Pet food recall a situation when the brand owner, manufacturers, or FDA noticed that the product or the brand is not up to the mark, they are not safe, or there is a problem in general. Recalls also occur if the brand is not following the hygienic rules or not providing secure packaging.

But when it comes to Hungry Bark, thankfully, they have never gone through a recall. The FDA certifies it, and it ensures the quality and safety of the products as well as your dogs’ health. Also, they have mentioned on their website that they haven’t had a single recall since the company came into existence.

Is it worth the cost?

People always look for cheap options while finding food brands for their dogs. But that is where they go wrong. Cheap food brands will be beneficial for your budget and bank, but their long term use will cause various adverse side effects on your dog’s health. As cheap food brands use low-quality and less nutritious ingredients, their food can cause stomach problems and, most probably, some deadly allergies.

So, if mediocre quality food will cause health issues, you will have to pay frequent visits to the vets and pay for their fees too. So, it would be great if you spend a little more for high-quality food that will be beneficial for your dog’s health instead of buying cheap food and risking his life too.

Benefits of feeding your dog high-quality and premium food

  • He will have a sound digestion system, and he will be safe from uncomfortable stomach conditions like diarrhea and gastritis.
  • There will be less stool and no unpleasant odors.
  • He will feel healthy, and his hair will shed less.
  • His immunity and energy levels will boost up.
  • He will be safe from urinary infections and other kidney diseases.
  • He will have improved and better dental and oral health.

After considering all the things, we conclude that The Hungry Bark is worth your money. The price isn’t too high and not too low either. But its food has everything beneficial for your dog’s health. From the high-quality products to the custom meal plans, it always makes sure that you and your dog both are fully satisfied.

Where to Buy Hungry Bark?

While doing our research on dog foods, we noticed that most of the brands ask you to make your and your dog’s profile on their website before allowing you to browse through the products. But this procedure can be a little annoying at times when you just want to browse through and look for options.

But, Hungry Bark knows what annoys the consumers, and that is why they don’t let their customers go through this hassle. You can view, browse, and shop all the products without making a profile on their website. However, if you want to opt for a custom plan, you will have to provide a little bit of information about your dog. But, the process is simple. Here is what you will have to do:

  • Enter your name and your dog’s name.
  • Tell about your dogs’ sex, age, weight, breed, and energy level.
  • Answer a few questions about what your dog likes and what he does not.
  • Mention if your dog has any health conditions or allergies.
  • Choose between a grain-free or a grain inclusive recipe.
  • Ask for suggestions if your dog has any serious health condition.

After filling out all the information, you will be instantly directed to your dog’s custom meal plan. The meal plan will have all the information about the recipes you need, at what time you should feed them, how you should feed them, and all the necessary information along with the weekly price. Then, complete the payment process, and your order will arrive at your doorstep within a few days.

How to contact their customer service

The Hungry Bark offers excellent customer service, and their representatives are always available in case you if any issues or queries. There are three options to contact their customer service representatives:

First, you can contact them by calling the helpline during the business hours, 8 AM to 9 PM, seven days a week. Second, if you have a problem or query, you can fill out the contact form present on their “Contact Us” page, and they will answer your questions in a short time. Third, they offer a digital chat service on their website, which allows you to chat with a representative directly, and asking about your concerns. Just click on the “Chat” button on the site, and you will be good to go.

Tips for a Smooth Transition

The digestive systems of dogs are different from humans. Unlike us, they can not switch from one food to another smoothly. So, when you are shifting your dog to a new diet, there are specific tips you should follow to avoid an upset stomach or any other inconveniences. That is why Hungry Bark provides you with all the necessary information and instructions you need for a smooth and swift transition. You can read the instructions on their FAQs page.

For the first two days, you just need to mix your Hungry Bark Kibble with 75% of your dog’s old food. Then, you can opt for a 50/50 ratio for the third and fourth days. In the next two days, you can mix 75% of Hungry Bark kibbles with 25% of the old food. And the, on the seventh and last day, your dog will be ready and prepared for the full transition.

Pros and Cons of The Hungry Bark

Up till now, you probably know how important it is to provide your dog with the best, healthy, and nutritious food. You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars a week on high-end brands. The Hungry Bark is a great and affordable alternative available right now in the market. They offer excellent quality products along with some unique products that are still not available anywhere else.

But, like everything else, Hungry Bark also has a fair share of pros and cons. Here is a list of everything we like and don’t like about Hungry Bark.”

What we like

  • With Hungry Bark, you have the freedom to shop on your own. Or else, you can ask for a custom meal plan for your dog – all these without creating a profile.
  • They have a wide range of products and recipes.
  • Their products are packed with an Ever-fresh technology that keeps the food safe and secure.
  • They offer high-quality products with nutritious ingredients.

What we don’t like

  • Rates are higher as compared to many other dog food brands.
  • Some recipes contain a lot of carbohydrate content.
  • The products are not pre-proportioned.

Always consider all the pros and cons of The Hungry Bark, think thoroughly, and then purchase if it meets with your dog’s requirements.

Wrapping Up

If you ask us, we are genuinely pleased with our Hungry Bark experience. The thing we love the most is how easy and convenient their website was. From browsing to creating a profile to finally making the purchase, everything was a piece of cake. Also, we found that the quality of their products was exceptional. We have no concerns over that.

All in all, if you are looking for high-quality and healthy dry food products for your dogs, then Hungry Bark is undoubtedly a great option. It offers good quality, quantity, and taste. Our experience with The Hungry Bark was pleasant, and we are sure you will have an enjoyable experience too.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Has Hungry Bark ever been recalled?

No, Hungry Bark has high safety standards, and the FDA has never recalled them. They also have an official statement published on their website in this regard.

  • Are Hungry Bark’s products grain-free?

The kibbles of Hungry Bark are not grain-free. However, the mix-ins and a few recipes of supplements are entirely grain-free.

  • Is their food organic?

No, Hungry Bark food is not organic. However, they claim that they use natural and high-quality ingredients in their recipes.

  • Is their food raw?

No, all their products are made from freeze-dried meat.

  • How many calories are there in Hungry Bark food?

The Hungry Bark kibbles contain 359 to 423 calories per cup. The chicken ones have the lowest, and the salmon one has the highest calorie count.

  • Can I cancel my food subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription anytime through their website and make other changes as well.

  • Where can I buy Hungry Bark products?

All products are available on their website only and can be ordered conveniently through there.

  • Can we heat Hungry Bark food?

No, Hungry Bark food is not microwave or heat friendly. You will need to feed it right out from the bag.

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