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Walking your dog is vital for its health and wellness. What’s even more important is to burn off enough energy to where your dog is tired by the end of the day. Weighted vests have come in handy with developing a more agile and fit dog. There are many weighted vests for dogs to pick from, but you must read reviews and pick a vest that fits your dog correctly and has the appropriate weight depending on the breed and fitness level.

As we started to get into product reviews and tips, (see our review here) we saw a surge in traffic to our website.  Hence, we’ll be doing more of these consultative articles and hope to get everyone up to speed on what’s going on in the world of pets.  Today we’ll look at how to be a smart consumer when you buy a weighted dog vest.

What is a Weighted Dog Vest?

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A weighted vest is used to make your dog burn off the excess energy, without spending a ton of time at the dog park. A weighted vest will add extra pounds to where your dog will have to exert more energy, making the exercise up to 90% more difficult. Using a weighted vest will make your life easier. Your dog will be much more satisfied and will be in a healthier state, both physically and mentally. You can get a weighted vest in many different colors, weights, and sizes, making it accessible for every breed.

Why Buy a Weighted Dog Vest?

  • Temperament control: A dog with excess energy is not the best, as it can lead to aggressive behavior at home. Some dogs need a lot of exercises to be in a good mental state. If you don’t have time for multiple workouts in a day, you must use a weighted vest to shorten the workout frequency. The weighted vest will make the activities more tiring, but it will also reduce workouts frequency throughout the day. This would mean your dog will exert its energy in a shorter workout and have a better home temperament.
  • Losing weight: If your dog has packed on a couple of pounds from overeating, then you can use the weighted vest to increase its intensity during the workout. The weighted vest can help you lose some extra weight your dog might have packed on, allowing your dog to get back to a healthy weight. Ideally, you should exercise your dog two to three times a week for twenty to thirty minutes with the weighted vest for optimal results.
  • Strengthen muscles: An excellent weighted vest can help your dog work on both aerobic and anaerobic exercises, which means training the dog’s muscles. If you want your dog to be in the best shape of their life, you must use a weighted vest to strengthen their muscles. The weighted vest will workout the dog’s whole body, which will exercise the bones and muscles.

Deciphering Various Types of Dog Vests

The weighted vest comes in many different weights and sizes, which can make it hard to pick one out for your dog. If you have a basic understanding of your dog’s physical capabilities and health, then you should not have a problem choosing the right vest. Let’s talk about some factors to consider when picking out a weighted vest for your dog. If you have concerns, then please get in touch with your veterinarian.  We’ve also found some advice on dog vests at

  • Weight: The weight of the vest is essential; you must consider your dog’s total weight before you pick out your weighted vest. A good rule of thumb is to start with a weighted vest that is 20% off your dog’s total body weight. Once your dog becomes stronger, you can purchase a heavier weighted vest to intensify the workout further.
  • Size: You should purchase a vest that would be easy to adjust, as it will come in handy. If your dog weighs around 30 to 60 pounds, a 23 to 28 inches vest might be the best option for you. Please consider the garment, which is going to be comfortable for your dog.
  • Padding: A padded vest will decrease the risk of injury and allow your dog to have a more extended range of motion when exercising. Padding will also make it comfortable for your dog to wear the vest for longer durations.

Final verdict

A weighted vest can be a great addition to your dog’s daily walks, as it will help them to exert more energy in a shorter workout. Before you purchase a vest, make sure you are aware of your dog’s physical capabilities, and if you are not, then talk to your veterinarian before you buy a weighted vest.

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