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So you’ve become a parent to a new dog, or cat, or reptile, or bird, or whatever animal you’ve decided to welcome to your home. Things are great! But what do you do when they are in need of medical care? Not only do they need care when they are sick or have an injury, but all responsible pet owners should bring their pets to a veterinarian at least once, if not twice, per year for checkups to make sure everything is going alright.

But how do you find the best vet in Florida to take care of your furry friend? Keep reading for some tips on how to get the best care for your animals.

Getting the Best Vet Service in Florida

Just as important it is to keep up with grooming (by using someone like Fancy Pets), you need to stay on top of your pets’ health. For us, we think that the best way to get pointed in the right direction is through word of mouth. For our golden retriever, we were pointed to Gentle Care Animal Hospital in Fort Lauderdale thanks to the woman at the golden rescue who had nothing but good things to say about them.

We have been absolutely blessed with the care we have received there for our dog and two cats and couldn’t imagine a better provider, whether it be resolving a snotty nose and sneezes or just getting a general checkup.

Word of mouth, talking to your social network of friends and family, should work for getting general care, but what about more specialized services? If you’re looking for things that are a little more out there, like holistic services (we have a friend who works in holistic drug rehab who got us into this stuff), going to Google and doing an internet search may be better for pointing you in the right direction.

Aside from that, if you rescued your animal from a shelter, many of them have veterinary services on-site and can take appointments to care for your animals. In our experiences, however, the quality of the care can vary from place to place.

For instance, after bringing our first cat home from a certain shelter in the Fort Lauderdale area, she was sick and blowing snot and sneezing everywhere. We took her back to the shelter since they offered free services for 30 days after adoption. She was given medication, but that did not effectively clear up her issues. After taking her to Gentle Care a little later on, everything was sufficiently cured.

Between talking to your network, doing an internet search, and sometimes trial and error with different providers, you’ll eventually find a vet that you and your pet(s) love. They deserve the best, so make sure you are giving them the best care that they can get! It’s no fun having a sick pet, so stay on top of things before they manifest into something worse (and more expensive!). Be proactive instead of reactive and everything will be easier.

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