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We used to take our dogs to another provider for their grooming, as well as their boarding, but when they popped up in the news for animal cruelty, it was absolutely time that we found another provider for these kinds of services.

Luckily, we see different mobile grooming vans all the time parked in our neighborhood taking care of the pets that live near us. We also turned to our local community Facebook group for some suggestions, and a consensus was made on Fancy Pets.

Our Experience with Fancy Pets

Everything from start to finish was easy with fancy pets mobile grooming services. They answered our call immediately when we rang them up (we tried with one other provider and the phone rang to voicemail, and we later heard from them at the end of the business day) and were able to get our dogs an appointment in the next couple days. We were surprised at getting them in so quickly, but happy since we were wanting to get them cleaned up before some company came over later in the week.

Our dogs love to meet new people, so when the groomer came to our door they greeted him happily and wagged their tails and jumped all over him. They were taken to the van parked right outside the house and taken well care of throughout.

The dogs both got baths and a haircut. They are two little terriers, a Morkie (Maltese/Yorkie) and a Maltie-Poo (Maltese/Poodle), so their fur tends to get pretty matted and does not hide dirt very well as they are both light in color. They came out looking spic and span after their bath, and the groomer did a great job at getting the matting out without having to shave their fur down tight.

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We love having a service that makes appointments to your house. They arrive on time and are done within an hour, for two dogs no less. Having a busy work schedule, and also family activities to tend to (children in school and athletics), it can be tough to go visit a groomer. It’s great that they come to your house and are done quickly, meanwhile not sacrificing the quality of the job.

When we called them for a second appointment for the dogs a couple months later, they recognized the phone number. They knew where we lived and who our dogs were. They truly care about their customers and go the extra mile to make sure everything is taken care of.

Fancy Pets has definitely become our new provider for getting the dogs bathed and groomed. They’re another one of the best pet services in Florida we talk about on this site. The dogs seem to love it, and they come out looking great. Our female dog gets bows in her hair and looks cute. The price of the services, importantly, is right. We highly recommend using them if you are in the Broward County area.


Weston, FL
(754) 200-1790


Mon – Wed: 8:30am–7pm
Thurs: 8am–7pm
Fri: 8am–6pm
Sat: 8:30am–5pm
No service on Sundays

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